NOVA diagnostics type II


The device NOVA type II is intended for segment diagnostics. The device allows for a short period of time to evaluate the metabolic and regulatory processes of the organism, allows you to discover the current functional state of organs and organ groups, to predict the risk of occurrence of diseases, identify root causes, identify ways of restoring health.

Will be useful in the work of reflexologist, physiotherapist, specialist of sports medicine, nutrition specialist, cosmetologist, homeopath, phytotherapist, etc.

Software Dialog has a wide range of possibilities for displaying the results of measurements, for example, the state of the spine, pie chart (aura), the energy centers (chakras), the ability to identify the dynamics state of organism, as in a short period of time, and in the distant period and etc


Voltage at the opend electrodes < 3,2 V
Max current in patient's circuit < 12,0 uА
Power supply USB
Dimension/weight 210х180х80 mm / 660 g

User Manual (pdf)

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