SMART is a ultra-portable device with a set of frequency packages for resonant frequency (induction of low-intensity field) therapy, which allows to inactivation action on pathogenic macro-both microorganisms and their toxins.

This type of therapy can effectively treat the disease caused by any types of pathogens, all kinds of different forms of localization in organs and tissues, at all stages of the process, without harm to the body. Simultaneously, the device encloses a package of three frequency programs that can be selected by pressing the button.

Using specialized software to your computer, you can change the frequency packages of programs in. The device is connecting to the computer via the USB cable.


Frequency range 1...25'000 Hz
Current consumption < 10 mА
Power supply Built-in rechargeable battery 220 mАh
Dimension/weight 46х81х18 mm / 24 g

User Manual (pdf)

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